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Increase your home's footprint: Additions in MD, VA, DC

Greg Hastings is an experienced builder of new homes as well as an experienced remodeler. These are not the same disciplines and use different approaches and techniques. But there is one area of home construction that crosses both disciplines: an addition.

An addition is a hybrid that joins a totally new home structure to an existing one. When done properly, a passer-by shouldn't be able to tell where the new began and the old left off. The new addition should be a seamless integration of the two.

Using a design/build approach, or working directly with a homeowner's architect, GW Hastings Contracting integrates the addition into the existing home's floor plan and structure. The added space can change the traffic flow of the older space, and so, sometimes, the older space needs changes also. A hybrid project needs a contractor with the skill sets of a custom home builder and an experienced remodeler.

Adding space in the form of an addition is a popular remodel. Home additions come in two varieties: those that go up, and those that go out. When space, lot size, zoning restrictions, and cost are an issue, or when it's an aesthetic choice, a second or even a third story addition is just what the doctor ordered.

When you are not limited to your home's current foot print, when you can extend the perimeter of your home outside the space it now occupies without violating zoning and setback restrictions, then adding out is definitely the addition for you. Regardless whether you need an addition for a family room, new master suite, an in-law suite, a home office, or an extra bathroom, increasing your home's size also adds value to your home.